This year well over 50 companies and individuals were recognised in the Peer Review Process Awards, including Consumer Friend. The increase in numbers is in part due to the feedback we received from the industry.

You may be wondering who won all the Awards? Here are the details of the 2018 Credit Providers category winners.

2018 Credit Providers

There are thousands of credit providers in South Africa. Each of these firms needs to have the ability to facilitate debt review for their clients. The largest credit providers deal with debt review matters every day. This year debt counsellors took the time (30 min on average) to review and rate credit provider debt review departments. There was also a new distinction made within the banking category between dealing with secured credit and unsecured credit.

Short Term Credit Provider

Winner: Wonga Finance SA

Retail Credit Provider

Winner: Consumer Friend (on behalf of their clients in this category)

Large Non-Bank Credit Provider

Winner: Old Mutual Finance

Vehicle Finance Credit Provider

Winner: MFC (a division of Nedbank)

Bank: Secured Credit

Winner: Investec Bank

Banks: Unsecured Credit

Winner: African Bank

Most Improved Credit Provider Debt Review Department

The Most Improved Credit Provider Debt Review Department this year was identified by Debt Counsellors taking part in the peer review as:

Capitec Bank