Tell us about yourself – who is Chantell?
I would describe myself as dependable, loyal, enthusiastic and a mother of two wonderful children. I am a person who understands how important work is to my overall happiness. Over the years I have learned that when you work hard, you get a sense of pride and inner satisfaction that really is worth every step of the journey.

What did you do before you joined Consumer Friend?
I started off as a legal assistant, working for a small law firm based in the Eastern Cape. Thereafter, I worked for a small Debt Counselling Company from late 2007 to early 2010 where I really got a comprehensive understanding of the debt counselling process and at which point I realized my passion for the industry. What impressed on me the most was seeing the oneness and willing spirit of industry leaders working together for the benefit of the consumer. I instantly knew that this was the industry I wanted to be a part of.

What experience has led you to this point?
I relocated to KZN and started my first role in Consumer Friend in the Terminations Department 11 years ago. I felt right at home and so privileged to be trained and mentored by an outstanding group of individuals along the way. The irony is that I now represent the same Credit Providers to whom I used to send the 17.1 forms. Managing the Complaints Department at Consumer Friend over the years has resulted in me forming valuable relationships with all our Debt Counsellors.

Tell us about your latest role as Business Relationship Manager?
One of my core functions as the new Business Relationship Manager, will be to communicate and touch base with our Debt Counsellors and Industry players on a regular basis, attend DCASA meetings and find mutually agreeable solutions between Consumers, Debt Counsellors and the Credit Providers.

On a personal note, what brings you true happiness?
I love family time, it’s just such a great way to unwind, take the load off and spend time with the people I love the most.

“My motto in life is to always look for new ways to help and serve people and to teach others the value of doing it as well.”